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makes you, you.

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Look inwards and improve your wellbeing one entry at a time. Welcome to your daily journaling practice, made simple.

Why Halo?

  • Find Your Voice
    Find Your Voice

    Understand your inner self by exploring your beliefs, values and innermost thoughts.

  • Connect The Dots
    Connect The Dots

    Learn what makes you tick and uncover patterns between your moods and activities.

  • Improve Your Wellbeing
    Improve Your Wellbeing

    Reduce stress, sleep soundly and increase mindfulness with proven journaling techniques.

  • Grow And Evolve
    Grow And Evolve

    Improve your mindset, learn from mistakes and become the very best version of you.

Easy writing screen

Easy Writing On-The-Go

Welcome to the journal in your pocket, here for you whenever and wherever you are.

  • A Daily Routine
    A Daily Routine

    Improve your mindset with 3 Daily journaling practices: Gratitude, Mood Tracking and Reflection.

  • Journaling Freedom
    Journaling Freedom

    Don’t feel like writing? Talk it out with voice recorded entries and let your thoughts flow.

  • Unlimited Inspiration
    Unlimited Inspiration

    Find a topic for every mood and explore helpful prompts to help you get started.

Explore screen

Explore Your Inner Self

Feel supported by reflections on hundreds of topics like goal setting, building confidence and much more.

  • Take A Moment
    Take A Moment

    Carve out time for you with guided entries that help you navigate your inner world and improve your mindset.

  • In-Depth Courses
    In-Depth Courses

    Daily chapters guide you through complex topics with practical tools to support your progress.

  • Grounded In Science
    Grounded In Science

    Every reflection uses positive psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you feel happier and healthier.

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Curated By Experts

Halo has been approved and created alongside a team of psychologists and counselors, meaning you can trust each journaling session to make a real difference to your wellbeing.

Halo makes journaling easier and more enjoyable. It helps me reflect on my emotions in simple yet effective ways.

Sana Powell


Gain clarity

Gain Clarity With Insights

  • Build Awareness
    Mood charts create a picture of your days, helping you notice ups and downs over time.
  • Identify Changes
    Keep track over time to identify triggers and learn healthy coping techniques.
  • Discover Patterns
    Identify the emotional impacts of the activities in your day like work, relationships and hobbies.

Total Privacy

Halo has been designed for total privacy from the start. Enable encryption and passcode lock to secure all your most important thoughts - entries are for your eyes only.

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