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Create A Journaling Practice With Halo

Clear your thoughts, capture memories and build healthy habits with Halo.

Halo provides a safe outlet for your thoughts, helping you develop your journaling practice.

Create a habit

A regular journaling practice has a whole host of benefits, but habit-building can be tricky at first. This is where Halo’s Daily check-in comes in. Simple and effective, it helps you build a journaling practice that sticks by combining journaling fundamentals in 3 easy steps:

  • Mood helps you track your emotions and connect them to your activities throughout the day. Keep an eye on how your moods change with Insights!
  • Gratitude helps you establish a daily gratefulness practice by identifying 3 things you’re grateful for every day.
  • Reflection gives you a different journaling prompt every day to help you stay inspired. Whether you write a sentence or page, reflection is a quiet moment for your mind.

Write with impact

While there’s no wrong way to write, journaling is a skill that can be developed. Halo helps you learn core techniques to get the most out of your journaling session and make your entries as impactful as possible.

From an ‘Unsent Letters’ practice to gain closure on unresolved relationships, to cultivating a daily Gratitude diary, Halo helps you build a personalized journaling practice that helps you become the best version of yourself.

Feel supported

Guided journaling sessions help you work through a diverse range of topics, from work to relationships and everything in between. Take some time to tackle Impostor Syndrome, Strengthen Relationships, get a Better Night’s Rest and more with Halo’s guided Moments and in-depth Courses.

Every reflection uses positive psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you feel happier and healthier, and our team of expert psychologists and counselors lead you every step of the way.

Discover the full library with a free 7 day trial of Halo Premium.

Find your style

Develop your own journaling style that works for you with Halo. Go your own way with free entries, or find hundreds of prompts to keep you inspired. Try hands-free entries with voice recording, or jot your ideas down in quick lists. No matter your style, there’s an entry for you.

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