Making time for your self care
Apr 14, 2021

3 Signs to Focus on Self-Care

Self-care can seem like an indulgence, but it’s important for your health to make time for yourself. Use this as a guide to see when it's time to spend some extra time taking care of number one.

A good self-care routine will make you feel happier and healthier by looking after your mental and physical needs like rest, productivity and nutrition.

Here are some common signs that your self-care meter is low (and how to fix it):

What to look out for


Everyone feels irritable now and then, but if you find yourself constantly triggered and quick to anger, it may be a sign that you’re neglecting self-care. Consistently ignoring your needs in order to prioritize a busy schedule or help others can leave you feeling emotionally drained and ready to snap.

Tip: Setting healthy boundaries is an important part of any self-care routine. Let others know when you are available, and decide how much emotional energy you are able to give.

Learn more about boundaries and how to start creating your own.


Feeling under the weather? Your mental and physical health are intimately linked. Feeling chronically stressed out can weaken the immune response, leaving you susceptible to common illnesses.

Tip: Bodies need time to relax. Whether it’s meditation, relaxing with your favorite shows or reading a book, make time to relax a non-negotiable part of your day.

Unhealthy habits

Nutritious food, daily exercise and a good night’s sleep are all fundamental pillars of self care. While we all deserve to indulge, if you notice that you’re constantly reaching for unhealthy habits, this may be a sign that you’re neglecting your self-care.

Tip: Building healthy habits doesn’t mean being restrictive. Instead of trying to restrict yourself, consider what you could add to your routine. More fibre at mealtimes, an extra hour of sleep or a quick walk around the block can make all the difference.

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What you can do

Check in

Ask yourself what has changed in your life that makes it hard to care for yourself. Have you taken on more responsibility at work? Started a new relationship, or hobby? Take a moment to evaluate without judgement, and notice if there is an area of your life that needs some more love.

Here’s how to get started and discover the benefits of a daily journaling practice.

Set small self-care goals

Self care doesn’t have to be revolutionary, and small changes really do add up. Ease back into the routine of looking after your mind and body with small gestures like cooking a healthy meal, getting 30 minutes of extra sleep or taking a short walk after dinner.

Halo can help you nurture a loving routine with guided entries like Forming Habits, Self Discovery, Savoring and Mood Tracking.

Do it for yourself

Self care looks a little different for everyone. Take time to reflect on how you like to recharge your batteries. From chatting with friends to taking a luxurious bath or spending an evening alone, we all have different needs - and they can change every day!

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