Starting a journal
Journaling 101

Journaling Tips for Beginners

Not sure where to start? These 5 tips will help you build a journaling habit that’s easy and enjoyable.

Start small

Getting started can be the hardest part. It’s common to place high expectations on the content and quality of your journal writing, making it intimidating to take the first step.

Tip: Set a timer on your phone for 5 to ten minutes with the simple intention of writing something. Whether it’s describing your day, one thing that’s worrying you or someone you’re grateful for, just getting started is the most important part. Ideas will come in time.

Pick a time

If you want to journal but find yourself procrastinating or ‘not having the time’, setting a time for your practice can make all the difference. Find a time when you know you can spare 10 minutes for a quiet moment to develop a routine you can fall back on, even when you don’t feel like it (oftentimes the days you don’t feel like journaling are the ones when you need to the most!).

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Practice gratitude

Gratitude is an excellent foundation for your journaling practice and can be as easy as listing 3 things you’re grateful for each day. With proven health benefits, it’s an easy way to stay consistent, especially on days when you don’t have time for longer entries.

Tip: When it comes to gratitude journaling, consistency is key. To help you reap the benefits of your practice, gratitude is part of Halo’s 3-step daily check-in!

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Keep your journal close

You never know when inspiration will strike. While having a regular time to journal (such as before bed) helps you keep a routine, it can be helpful to keep your journal handy for moments when you feel a jolt of inspiration.

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Develop your intuition

As your practice develops, your journaling intuition will get stronger, and finding topics to write about will quickly become second nature. At the beginning, you may need to be more deliberate.

Before starting to write, take a few calming breaths to center yourself and connect with your mind and body. Pay attention to how your body feels and ask yourself what has been on your mind lately. What have you been trying to ignore, or put off? Is there a situation in life that could use a closer look?

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There you have it - you’re ready to get started with your journaling practice! Download Halo for free to begin your self-discovery journey, and don’t forget to follow @HaloJournal for more tips!